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Apply to Attend CSD

Picture of Clarkton School of Discovery

CSD is open by application for any 6th-8th grade student residing in Bladen County through April 16th.

Clarkton School of Discovery Admission Application Directions:

*Complete this form in order to apply to Clarkton School of Discovery for the 2022-2023 school year.
*This form will serve as an official transfer request and enrollment. No additional forms are needed at this time.
*The selection process is by random lottery.
*Each student must have his or her own application.
*Incomplete or incorrect information may void the application.
*All applicants will be mailed written notice regarding acceptance or denial of his or her application.
*Applicants denied admission at the beginning of the school year will be placed on a waiting list for possible acceptance at midterm.

NOTE: 5th grade students are not eligible to apply for admission to CSD. In order for a 5th grader to attend, a request for student reassignment form must be completed and admittance accepted through the office of Ms. Ann Brown located at the Bladen County district office. 910-862-4136